• Site Migration 2018 and YouTube Links

    Site Migration Migrating this blog from a self hosted wordpress site to a self hosted Jekyll generated site. The plan is to simplify and serve the content locally. My plan is to serve all of my personal sites off of a raspberry pi at my house powered by a solar...

  • 15 Happy Days


  • 14 Happy Days


  • 13 Happy Days


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  • Cassie’s Birthday!

    #100HappyDays challenge 6 happy days https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OhY7HXSn_no 7 happy days https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hWsSLhE-Y_I Cassie’s Birthday We had fun yesterday celebrating Cassie’s birthday. We talked a bit about how growing up birthdays were always about us but now that we have had a child, we feel like birthdays are more about the mom and...

  • Nature Hike Again

    4 Happy Days We loved visiting the swan creek trail so much that we went back again! This time we almost made it to the end of the trail. Really amazing place only 25 minutes away from us. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5huRGQz3ZtM

  • Super Smoothies

    5 Happy Days https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HgwLYFVHMDI  

  • #100HappyDays Challenge

    Cassie and I recently saw a fun idea at http://100happydays.com/ and I decided that I was going to pick up doing videos again. Things have been crazy with getting laid off, moving across the country, starting a new business, and raising a child but we are getting back into a groove....

  • Favorite recipes

    Making our favorite recipes after an amazing meal.

  • Lessons from spock

  • Update From Vienna – crawling and bedtime

  • Daddy dresses Vienna

    Vienna awake and ready to play but it’s getting late in the day. Dad is in charge of pajamas tonight. The pajamas are now on Vienna’s head. Vienna proceeds to quickly crawl around the living room without being able to see. It was a sight to see. We all had...

  • Vienna Is Crawling!!

    She is just over 7 months and she is having so much fun exploring her new found skill. She particularly likes getting toys and books off the shelves.

  • Thank You Jake and Megan!

  • Thank You Don and Linda!

  • Thank You Knute and Rachel!

  • Thank You Tim and Lynda!

  • Thank You Gwen and Nolan!

  • Cribside Play

  • Dancing With Daddy

  • Hanging Out With Mom

  • Homemade Get Well Card

  • Happy Screams

    Mike cracks me up sometimes…

  • Blender Saves Pizza Night

    The recipe I have for skillet pizza calls for a food processor with a dough paddle. It wasn’t until very recently we has one with that feature, so I was kneading the pizza dough by hand. Then mike was in the crazy cleanse and gluten free diet. So tonight was...

  • Toots

    I love squeezing Vienna’s knees into her belly to get the farts out. They make such cute squeaks and they don’t even smell! Plus we laugh and smile when we do it.