Tofu Night

Tofu. Most people think “eeeww!”, but Mike thinks of his good times in Japan. Since he’s already put it in our smoothies, I figured it was safe enough. So with my handy dandy new recipe book American Test Kichen Skillet Dinners, I set out to make Fried Tofu. Tofu is a little weird. It comes in a square package, but the tofu is sitting in a ton of this brownish colored water. So I drain it and as per instructions cut the tofu and let it air dry on paper towels. Having it dry with help it fry properly. Meanwhile I prep the homemade sauce. This all going swimmingly until I start to fry the tofu. The first batch is fine, but he second is determined to spit at me! So rude. Eventually all is golden brown and we devour the stuff. It has a creamy interior texture with a crunchy outer. Since tofu doesn’t have a lot of favor the sauce does all the talkin’ and boy is it tasty. We finished the whole plate! I made glazed carrots afterwards, but we were too full to eat them, so we just had them for lunch the next day. 

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