Pizza Night… In a SKILLET!!!!????

So when I think of pizza, I think of of ham armed men tossing dough and those big paddle things delivering the pizzas into great big ovens. I do not think of making it from scratch in my tiny kitchen. I waited for Mike to get home before I started, so he could take pictures. Well…. he got home a little later than usual and I discover than my dough needs at least an hour to rise (I was sooo not waiting that long) and a mixer with blades. I call my sister who suggests using butter knives to “cut the dough” or mix it.

With the dough conquered I made the sauce, which was insanely easy. After I molded the dough, I put it in the skillet and heaped the sauce and cheese on it. On the stove top, the dough was lightly browned. I decorated the misshapen thing with pepperoni and olives. The recipe instructed that I then put the pizza skillet and all in the oven for a few minutes and it was done! How easy is that? Well… relatively, considering I only have about a foot and a half of work space.

It tasted fresh and full. I am now ruined for chain store Pizza or even worse, frozen pizza from the store. On one hand, I’m thinking: Thanks a lot America’s Test Kitchen! Now I can never go out to eat again! and being delighted that Mike loves it and only wishes I had made this on a Monday so he could take the left over to work and make everyone else jealous.

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