Sunday Evening Pancakes and a comic

Cassie does a really cool thing where she will sketch a comic of events in our life. It’s super fun and I love it. I wish she did more so I am going to contribute in doing a few here and there. Enjoy! This particular event is from this Sunday evening while I was cooking up some pancakes for us to eat.


Looking for the director’s commentary version? Here it is!!!!

Cassie sitting at the dinning room table on our Chrome notebook writing an email to her sister. Might be hard to tell since the table doesn’t have legs and the perspective of the table and laptop are terrible. haha. Also, my wife has a much better haircut and body than this scene leads you to believe.

Now the table size has changed, the Chrome notebook is gone and I come into the scene with arms even though Cassie doesn’t have any. And why don’t I have ears?
Perspective change! Now we are facing both of us and our bodies have disappeared! Cassie is wondering why I have run right up next to her.
Slightly confused, Cassie hears me yell, “I love your FACE!” I was soo excited at the time of writing this frame that I couldn’t even spell face correctly. FAEE!!!!
Just as quickly as I came into the scene, I am gone before Cassie can react.
This frame may or may not be true but it’s what I imagined and makes me giggle and smile the most about the whole thing. 
: )