So a frenulum is that bit of skin that attaches your tongue to the floor of your mouth. When it is too tight it’s called a “tongue tie.” It mean Vienna couldn’t open her mouth very wide or stick her tongue past her her bottom lip. Mechanically, she just couldn’t nurse. In the old days midwives routinely cut the frenulum with a sharp nail to avoid the trouble all together.

Today we had Vienna’s frenulum cut. The dentist, used a tool that cauterized it as he cut it, so there was little bleeding. Vienna did really well. She cried because it obviously hurt, but I’m proud of her anyway. Just for the record, it’s a bit unnerving to see steam coming from your infant’s mouth as she cries and gurgles in her own saliva.

We tried breastfeeding today without much success. Even though Vienna’s tongue is free, she doesn’t know how to use it. My breastfeeding g consultant caught a sinus infection, so I’ll have to wait till Friday to see her. In the meantime, I’m going to keep pumping. I might try once a day to put her to the breast until I can get professional help. I just don’t want it to hurt anymore.

The future is looking better. I hope this procedure will prevent future problems like trouble swallowing solids or speech impediments.