Smiles and Curls

Mike tells me every day, several times a day that I’m beautiful. No matter what. When I’m in pants or skirts. When my hair is a mess or styled. He always says I’m pretty. The thing is, I don’t always feel that way. I do my best to say thank you. Well, today he made sure I had time to take a nice shower while he took care of Vienna. I decided to try out some tips in curly hair I found on a blog. He even provided an old t-shirt for me to dry my hair with ( per curly instructions. Well, my hair turned out great! I felt so pretty I even put on some mascara! I felt so good, I was smiling all day. I even told Vienna I felt pretty today. Anyway. It was a big deal for me and I’m excited to keep making time to look nice, because it looks like it makes a big difference to my day.