Soviet read a number of articles and motivational phrases (guilt trips) on Pinterest and the like about putting your electronic devices away and enjoy your children. I can see truth in that, but my phone has been sanity saving.

In the early days of Vienna taking a picture or video helped me appreciate he when everything was so hard and so painful. And you know. Nursing can get boring, so it was nice to read articles and books on my phone. While she nursed I would write email to my sister, call my mom and connect on social media so I wouldn’t have to feel so alone.

Having the Internet on my phone I’ve was able to research Breastfeeding problems and look up doctors while I was burping Vienna or getting her to fall asleep. Or text my lactation consultant a picture to diagnose a lip tie.

Now when she is awake, she gets my attention. But I’ve put on music on my phone and we dance around the kitchen while I make dinner.

So my conclusion is my phone has made me appreciate my baby and enjoy the moments that would’ve been a lot harder otherwise.