Cassie’s Birthday!

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Cassie’s Birthday

We had fun yesterday celebrating Cassie’s birthday. We talked a bit about how growing up birthdays were always about us but now that we have had a child, we feel like birthdays are more about the mom and the child than just the child. A big thanks to our moms and dads for making our birthdays a good one. For our birthday celebration we dropped Vienna off with her grandma and grandpa and we took off for the last bookstore in south hill Puyallup. We had fun checking out the books and reminiscing about reading when we were kids. We think we may start a book wish list so we can come back to it when we have the money to buy more books. We then explored a nearby local produce store that is really cool and crowded. On our way home we picked up a brownie and the movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.


After getting laid off, we decided to move to Washington and start doing freelance work. It’s been a rough few months during the transition but things are doing better. I am now busy enough that I am starting to turn down work. I hope to keep that trend continuing. I also hope that we can build our emergency fund back up and the business account enough that I can start devoting more time to side projects and app ideas that I have. I recently rebuilt the website for bonneville communications at The site is responsive and uses the foundation 5 framework.

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In another project with bonneville communications, I helped them launch in english and in spanish for easter. These sites are also response but to a much simpler degree and are done by hand instead of using a framework like foundation 5.

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