• Learning To Scream

  • Bath Time

  • Vienna In The Mirror

  • Bath Time Rag

  • Vienna Becoming More Mobile


  • Lunchtime At The Shooting Range

    Was fun to drive over to the shooting range at lunch and do some shooting with some of my coworkers.

  • Vienna Laughing At Raspberry Sounds

  • Vienna on the keyboard

  • Google Hangout With The Family

    Had a chance to do a google hangout with my brother Evan. I showed him a few things about building webpages and got him setup on his new server. Also had a chance to show Vienna off to my parents and they loved all the talking she is doing now....

  • Sunday Dress

    Vienna was looking really cute today in her sunday dress that her Grandma made. Love the smile. We are really blessed to have such a happy baby.

  • 100 days

    Vienna is now 100 days old! It’s crazy to think that she has been around that long already. We are really enjoying her kicking and noise making as of late. We enjoy bath time and making faces at each other. Happy Mother’s Day Cassie! You are an amazing mom! Mom...

  • Father and Daughter

  • This how we Roll

    This is why I want to wear Vienna in a ring sling. I might get it this Friday. I don’t mind having Vienna near me all the time, but sometimes I need to hands for dishes and laundry. I think she’d like being close to my eye level and see...

  • Dear Cassie

    You are my soulmate…   The proof that we are soulmates from Emanuele Colombo on Vimeo.

  • Baby Feet

    This morning I had to wake up extra early to get ready for church, which also meant waking up Vienna. I found her little feet poking out from under the blanket. I’m glad I had the presence of mind to snap a shot. I wish I had filmed her waking...

  • Lifeline

    Soviet read a number of articles and motivational phrases (guilt trips) on Pinterest and the like about putting your electronic devices away and enjoy your children. I can see truth in that, but my phone has been sanity saving. In the early days of Vienna taking a picture or video...

  • Bundle Of Joy

    Bundle of joy and a lot of hard work…

  • Kiva Progress

    I love Kiva.org and all that they are doing to help give people opportunity. It’s very exciting to me to have so much coming back so I can put it back out to give others opportunity. <figcaption class="wp-caption-text">Repayment Estimates</figcaption></figure>

  • Fun At Work

    We work hard but we also have a lot of fun!

  • Smiles and Curls

    Mike tells me every day, several times a day that I’m beautiful. No matter what. When I’m in pants or skirts. When my hair is a mess or styled. He always says I’m pretty. The thing is, I don’t always feel that way. I do my best to say thank...

  • Sunday dinner  

    We had a good time having Sunday dinner with some friends. Vienna was a good sport and really cute.

  • Plants!

    It was time to get some plants for our home. Vienna was a good sport and didn’t mind sharing space in the car with them.

  • Cute Hat Vienna

    I really enjoy spending time with Vienna and being able to walk with her.

  • Vienna’s Cute Dress

    Get ready for the cuteness! Vienna’s grandma made it and we love it!

  • So close

    Vienna has taken to kicking in her crib. She LOVES it! Last night (when she should have been asleep) she was kicking happily away. And she babbles to herself, but last night she started doing these happy little shrieks. I think she is close to laughing. I can’t wait! I...

  • Growth spurt

    We survived our first real growth spurt while breast feeding! The last one was on the bottle. It almost felt like the little squirt was trying to kill me! Vienna is slowing down now. I hope she goes back to giving me at least one big nap a day. Those...

  • Trying To Get Vienna To Smile

    Before we headed out on a walk, I thought I would try to get her to smile. She was reluctant but very cute.

  • You know…

    You know you must be a real mom when: You get excited to clean the bathroom. Weeding becomes satisfying instead of dreary. Going to the grocery store is an exciting adventure. You laugh at poop on your shirt. Waking up in the morning is fun because your baby yawns and...

  • Vienna Talking

    OK. She’s not really talking but she is starting to mimic sounds we make. It’s been really fun and exciting as a new parent to see her make this new improvement. We feel very blessed that she is breast feeding much better and that she continues to grow and learn....

  • Brother Went To New York

    Evan went on a trip to New York and had a great time. I had a chance to chat with him when he got back. He was really tired… It was fun to be able to follow him on instagram and twitter to stay up on the latest with his...