• Vienna and Daddy Time

  • General Conference Weekend

  • Vienna Kicking In Her Swing

  • Cassie Reading To Vienna

  • Fire Starting With The Scouts

    For scouts this week, we had the boys trying to start fires using a magnesium stick and stuff they found outside. It was really hard but a few of the boys were able to get their fires started. I have a large blister on my thumb from trying to get...

  • Yawn

  • April Fools

    I got the idea from Pinterest, but I thought it was a fun playful prank.

  • Latching

    We are finally breastfeeding!!!!! I got five latches in one day! Amazing. I nearly quit on Saturday because it was rejection after rejection, but one good latch on Sunday gave us hope. Gosh. What a struggle this has been. I can’t wait to use nap time to sew and clean...

  • Do something about it

    Cas: Hey Mike. Mike: wha? Cas: You know I put this in the middle of the living room so you would do something about it right? Mike: … Cas: [walking away] Mike: I have been doing something about it. I’ve been walking around it. Cas: [laughter] Mike: [laughter]

  • Still waking up

  • Evan’s Robotics Competition

  • GIF Time

    I found an app to create animated gifs. I had a little bit of fun with it.

  • Despite

    Despite all the challenges with feeding Vienna, I’m glad she is getting my milk. Despite the crying from silent reflux, I’m happy that I have another reason to hold her. Despite the sudden bouts of crying, I love listening to her sleep on my chest. Despite the messy diapers I...

  • Frenulums

    So, we figured out Vienna had a lip tie as well as a tongue tie. So we had that cut as well. Gotta say watching her struggle in pain, crying, while I hold her down just plain stinks. Also, super hard to see steam and blood come out of her...

  • Pay Attention While Driving

  • Kicks and Giggles

    Mike was playing with Vienna last night and I manages to snap a picture. I feel like she is saying “yeah, I own this joint!”

  • Vienna On Wednesday

    I have a lot of fun with this girl. She is so cute and funny. I couldn’t come up with a good title for today’s collection of photos and video so… yeah.

  • Frenectomy

    So a frenulum is that bit of skin that attaches your tongue to the floor of your mouth. When it is too tight it’s called a “tongue tie.” It mean Vienna couldn’t open her mouth very wide or stick her tongue past her her bottom lip. Mechanically, she just couldn’t...

  • Random Vienna

  • More Shirt Face


  • Snuggling With Mommy

    Vienna is so cute when she is sleepy and snuggly, even if she isn’t feeling well.

  • Youth Temple Trip

    I had the opportunity to visit the Orlando Florida Temple with some of the youth in our ward. It was a great experience and we had a good time. Afterwards we ate breakfast/lunch at the Golden Corral. There was also an interesting contraption in the Golden Corral bathroom. First time...

  • Grocery Adventure

    Last week, I made it to the grocery store WITH Vienna for the first time. It went splendidly! I fed her, burped her and loaded her into the car. I also put on the moby-wrap before I got in the car, so I would’t have to fuss with it when...

  • Sick-time Snuggles

    Vienna has been extra snuggley lately because she is fighting a mild ear infection. We made the mistake of giving her dairy formula to supplement my milk. Pretty silly if us, considering both Mike and I are lactose intolerant. I think it could be worse had it not been for...

  • Sunday Nap

    Well…. for one of them.

  • New Shoes

    Mike’s parents were kind enough to order us some new sneakers. Ours were in some pretty bad shape. When they arrived, mike thought he’d have some fun with Vienna. I snagged my phone to capture the cuteness.

  • Masked Baby

    I really get a kick out of taking pictures of Vienna like this. I think she looks cute and hilarious.

  • How Vienna Likes To Hang Out

    Had to capture this for Vienna when she gets older.

  • Cold Feet

    Vienna had cold feet today, so tried out these socks. ADORABLE! They’re super cute.

  • Work Is Better With Cuteness

    It always makes my day when Cassie sends me photos of Vienna while I am working. Too much cuteness!