• A Day Off

    Because I only got three hours of sleep yesterday, Mike decided to take Vienna to work so I could sleep and relax. It was nice, but strange. My life has been all baby all the time for the past month. I slept and vacuumed and washed dishes and folded laundry...

  • The Schwendimans Visit

    Vienna’s great grandma and grandpa Schwendiman visited us yesterday. It was a real treat. They were down in Florida and were able to set aside an evening to come over and visit. Was great to see them since it’s been probably 2 or more years since we have seen them....

  • Happy Baby and a Happier Mom

    I’ve been having trouble the last month with breastfeeding. I’ve been dealing with soreness, tissue damage and milk blisters. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore, so I’ve been pumping the last few days to give myself a chance to heal. What a difference! Vienna isn’t gulping as much air with...

  • Vienna On Her Side

    This is a placeholder to mark the event that Vienna pushed herself on to her side this morning. Not all the way on to her back but good progress

  • Lesson Learned

    Both my midwife and pediatrician wanted me to wake Vienna a after two hours of sleep during the day to feed her. I haven’t tried till today. Normally she’ll sleep for 4-6 hours after 1am. After that she wakes, eats and goes back down for 3-4 hours again. Then Vienna...

  • Daddy Daughter Time

    Cassie captured a photo of Vienna and I hanging out yesterday. Here is the photo I was trying to capture. I was supposed to be burping her but I was really tired so I just propped her up and took some photos. I’ll try to do better next time and...

  • What’s In My Pockets?

    Hey Evan! Thanks for the video. I thought I would respond this time with an inventory of what’s in my pockets each day. Like the boy scout motto I try to “be prepared”. Have a great week!

  • Evan Learning Parkour

    My brother Evan is having fun learning Parkour! Awesome!

  • I Miss Swimming With Cassie In Texas

    Cassie and I have really good memories of swimming in the Texas summer. Was a lot of fun and a great way for us to exercise while Cassie was pregnant.

  • Scouts

    We are going through a mock trial with the three bears vs. Gold E. locks.

  • Vienna’s Little Helper

    Vienna, meet your friendly neighborhood giraffe… The giraffe is going to help you keep your Binky in…

  • Vienna Is Starting To Like Bath Time

    It would seem that Vienna is starting to enjoy bath time more and more. It’s been nice to give her baths since her cord fell off only a few days after she was born.

  • Custom Texting Emoticons

    Sometimes when Cassie and I text back and forth I like to send my reaction via image rather than text

  • More Baby Wearing

    Cassie and I went on a walk and I wore Vienna in the Moby wrap. We all like it and often times she ends up sleeping which is really cute. I’ve noticed that she really doesn’t like having her head tucked in the Moby but prefers to have her head...

  • Lunch Break Photo Booth Time

    It’s good to make yourself laugh every once in a while right?

  • Sleep

    Vienna’s sleep has been erratic since she’s been born. The other day she slept a full eight hours, which is not newborn normal. So I’ve taken to waking her up so she doesn’t sleep so long and takes smaller naps more often throughout the day. We think its because she...

  • Sitting Up

    She’s not really sitting up on her own but she still looks cute. I’m impressed with how much control she has of her neck and head at this point. Warning: don’t watch the following video unless you enjoy watching infants sit and stare off into space and burp, otherwise you...

  • Vienna At Church

    Vienna stayed for the full 3 hours of church. She did well and so did Cassie.

  • The Elusive Yawn

    I’ve been trying to capture Vienna yawning for the past week and I haven’t been able to until today.

  • Sleep, Glorious Sleep

    Vienna has taken to sleeping 7-8hrs at night and eating like crazy during the day. I am grateful for the Zzz at night after a long day I just feeding her and feeding her. Little munchkin is growing fast! This is her “I’m hungry but I have a bubble” face....

  • Fancy Fingers

    I’m so fancy. I eat my fingers like I drink tea. Pinky finder up!  

  • Vienna Is Still Awake

    I don’t know why but I think Vienna’s crying face is adorable. Maybe it’s God’s way of helping us love our children through the loud times

  • Vienna Photo Shoot Samples

    Just two samples from Vienna’s photo shoot last week. Can’t wait to get all the finals!

  • Vienna Visits Work

    Was really exciting to have Vienna visit the office today. Love having Cassie and Vienna visit any time.

  • Second Bath

    Gave Vienna her second bath and I think she liked it!

  • More Hair Than Daddy

    I am amazed at how much hair Vienna has already. She will be 2 weeks old tomorrow. Amazing how the time is flying already.

  • Trying To Figure Out The Moby

    This was me trying to figure out how to wear the moby before Vienna was born on January 28, 2013. It must have paid off… Even Cassie is getting into it.

  • Pregnant Cassie

    I captured this with my phone January 28, 2013 at 11:22 PM which means it was 2 days and a few hours before Vienna was born. The big hair is from just getting out of the shower and blow drying her hair. Cassie was really cute and beautiful pregnant but...

  • Vienna Is Silly

    Glad I was able to capture this today. Vienna was also blessed today so it was an exciting day for the family.

  • Snuggle Monkey

    I thought Vienna could use a good snuggle and her sock monkey is just the right height!