• Hickies

    I was burping Vienna in a tank top and she thought she might try to eat my shoulder. Vienna gave me a little baby hicky on my shoulder. It was so funny, I couldn’t stop giggling the whole time! ~Cassie

  • Vienna’s First Bath

    I’m not sure whether she enjoyed it or not. I’m not sure she know whether she enjoyed it either. Excited to try again and see if the reaction changes.  

  • Grandma’ cinnamon rolls

    Vienna’s Grandma, Gwen, made delicious cinnamon rolls. Bummer Vienna doesn’t get to try them

  • Vienna’s First Cry

    I was able to record the entire labor but I will probably only be sharing this part publicly. Was absolutely an incredible experience.

  • Cute Baby Hiccups

    Glad I was able to capture these because it was really cute.  

  • Back to work

    I’m back to work for the first time in a few days and my girls are at home hanging out and snuggling. Miss them already. So cute!

  • Rockin’ hair

    I love playing with Cassie’s hair especially when it is short. She let play with it tonight AND take a picture. I love my sassy Cassie.

  • Vienna loves Grandma

    Vienna really loves grandma and behaves well for her also. It’s been an incredible blessing to have grandma here this week to help.

  • Baby wearing time

    I love carting Vienna around using the Moby Wrap the guys at work got us. It’s great to have my hands free and it keeps her nice and close and warm.

  • Glamour shot time

    Vienna has been super adorable! Can’t believe how cute she is. Excited to get the photos back so we can share.

  • Zombie Baby

    Sometimes the faces Vienna makes, reminds me of zombies. Cutest zombie I’ve ever seen http://youtu.be/AoqT-Hg6WUk

  • Here comes the kiss monster

    I think I’m going to laugh about this one for a while. She is so much fun to give kisses to!

  • Cute sleeping

    Amazing how cute they are when they are sleeping

  • Baby Trekkie

    Our little Trekkie is getting bigger already! Cassie’s sister Deanna made this for Vienna and we love it.

  • Vienna Escaping Kisses

    It was time to wake Vienna up for a feeding today and I decided to do it with kisses. She didn’t seem impressed and she ended up like this trying to avoid the kisses. Gave me a good chuckle.

  • First walk outside

    We went for our first walk outside and Vienna loved it. I know because she fell asleep. It probably helps that it’s about 68 degrees right now.

  • Daddy’s Little Girl

    We are now past the first 24 hours and we are starting to get our sanity back. Vienna is eating better and sleeping better. She is such a cutie!!! So very grateful for the help of Gwen Stott (Cassie’s mom) and Samantha Adams (Cassie’s twin sister).

  • “Artist” Rendering of Vienna

    Cassie was showing me some fascinating photos of skulls. She was pointing out how the skill changes and grows over time. The proportions are really interesting. I’ve never paid attention to the proportions before Cassie showed me. I did a quick sketch of what our baby probably looks like…

  • Grumpy Cat Sketches

    Cassie and I are waiting for Vienna to be ready to be born. As part of our plan to distract from the pain, we did some sketches tonight! It was a lot of fun and I even did a bit of sketching myself. Here was our inspiration for our sketches....

  • Standing At Work

    While I was working in Austin Texas for WCG, I stood at my desk and worked for a few weeks. I liked it and decided I would do it here in Tampa Florida also while working for Branded Holdings. My first iteration wasn’t very good looking. Then James Zolman found...

  • Love Sketches At Work

    I absolutely love it when Cassie comes to the office and surprises me with cute sketches of anything. Yesterday she came into the office to hang out with me and she drew this for me. Such a cutie!!!! I look forward to the day when I can fill an entire...

  • Cassie Reading At The Office

    I love it when Cassie just comes to visit at the office. Today she came to the office with a pile of books from the library. This book was cute and it was fun to hear her giggle as she read it.

  • Cassie And Blondie Nap

    I was naughty and grabbed a photo of Cassie taking a nap. She was really tired and cute. I tucked her in and gave her blondie to snuggle with so she could sleep better. I think I also heated up a rice pack to put on her hip to help...

  • Silly Sunday Slacks

    I think I took this photo and shared it because I thought it was so funny. I ended tying my tie a bit short so I pulled up my pants high and started being silly for Cassie. I saw how silly I looked in the mirror so I captured the...

  • Cassie’s Baby Shower

    The baby shower was a blast and I’m glad that Cassie invited me. Was great to be able to capture the event in video. We have been so blessed by wonderful friends while heer in Austin. We are excited about our baby girl. Was tons of fun to have the...

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  • Dear Brother – Hey Mike


  • Dear Brother – Hello Andrew


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  • Dear Brother – Mikes Bald Head – A Poem By Cas Grace