• I love it when my wife calls me on Skype

    I love it when my awesome wife calls me on Skype while I am at work.

  • Pizza Night… In a SKILLET!!!!????

    So when I think of pizza, I think of of ham armed men tossing dough and those big paddle things delivering the pizzas into great big ovens. I do not think of making it from scratch in my tiny kitchen. I waited for Mike to get home before I started,...

  • Garfield’s Dream Night

    Skillet Lasagna. Since my move to Texas, my kitchen is down to bare minimum. I’ve got a skillet and a small sauce pan to cool with. This is an easy recipe, but I burned it a little because my stove it super crappy and I got distracted by some TED.com...

  • Tofu Night

    Tofu. Most people think “eeeww!”, but Mike thinks of his good times in Japan. Since he’s already put it in our smoothies, I figured it was safe enough. So with my handy dandy new recipe book American Test Kichen Skillet Dinners, I set out to make Fried Tofu. Tofu is...

  • You Can Do It!

    Cassie showed this to me. Very inspiring in many ways. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8SbXgQqbOoU

  • Wholeheartedness

    Notes from Dr Brene Brown’s TEDx talk on Wholeheartedness Connection. Connection is why we are here and it gives purpose in our lives. What makes a person that feels happy and loved different than a person that feels ashamed and lacking love and acceptance? Principles Shame, the fear of disconnection,...

  • Celebrating 10!

    At work we are going to have a celebration of 10 soon and so was able to get my parents to send me over some photos from when I was 10 years old. Check it out! Don’t I look awesome?! Oh man! You should have seen the ladies falling for...

  • Date at the Austin Zoo

    Cassie and I had a fun time visiting the Austin Zoo. It was really hot and the animals didn’t seem too excited to be in that heat. We were sad that we didn’t get to see an armadillo but they had other cool animals there to show off. We decided...

  • Exploring Austin at lunch

    I like to go outside and go for walks during my lunch. It’s a habit that I started thanks to a good friend back in Rexburg Idaho when I was going to school and working there. I really enjoy feeling the warmth of the sun, getting my blood moving around,...

  • The Wacom Inkling

    OH MY!!!! This looks amazing! I had better not show my wife this or she will want it. Wait… I want it! I want to get it for her! Doh! I’m doooooomed. : ) Check it out.

  • Elephant Robot

    Who doesn’t love a good elephant robot every now and then?! (notes on) biology from ornana films on Vimeo.

  • Mars Needs Moms is great

    The other day Cassie and I decided to watch Mars Needs Moms the movie. I laughed and we both enjoyed the movie. We didn’t particularly like the animation style but we would recommend this movie to friends and family. Why? Because the movie actually has a good story without crap...

  • Happiness

    Find a way to be positive in the moment. This is one of the best TED talks I have seen to date. What has been the biggest influence in my life helping me to be positive in the moment? Understanding the purpose of life. You can learn more on my...

  • Microwave!

    After having gone a little over a month without a microwave, we once again have one! Our most recent move has been an interesting experience as we have left almost all of our stuff in another state. It’s been an adjustment living in a minimal style. I have found that,...

  • Speeding in a school zone

    It was a nice morning and fairly cool which was nice for a change. About half way to work I get to ride over a small bridge and then through some light traffic before I am back on the side streets. It was strange as I was riding through the...

  • Washington Coast Hike

    I was reminded today of the 50 mile Washington Coast Hike I did many years ago with the boys my same age at church and the leaders. It was such a blast! It wasn’t a walk on the beach… wait… it was but it wasn’t easy but it was well...

  • Cassie Is The Best Sister Ever!

    Cassie’s sister is serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in New Jersey. Cassie has been super good about writing letters to her each week. Not only does she write her letters but she adds little illustrations to each one making them special. I was...

  • Austin Public Library

    Cassie and I went to the local library this week. I’m really impressed with how many libraries there are here in Austin. Learning and reading for the win! This has to be the coolest looking library card I have ever had to date. Cassie and I had a fun time...

  • First Day Of Driving To Texas

    When we decided to take the job in Texas with WCG we were very excited but not really about the long drive. We tried to make the long drive as enjoyable as possible by drinking lots of water and juice to force us to take lots of breaks. We also...

  • Austin City Walk At Night

    After returning from a very fun family reunion, Cassie and I decided to walk a bit around down town with our camera. It was fun to see a small part of the city at night. We will have to do this again and take more pictures. You can view the...

  • Having a great time at Brigham Young historic park with wife listening to bagpipes.

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  • It’s 74° in the house an I’m cold enough to put a jacket on. What’s wrong with me? #superBigGrin

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  • We now have shelves in our bathroom! Woot!

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  • Here’s the bike and the route that I took for the 111 mile ride. :) http://goo.gl/9xmX

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  • Picking up my ulcer packet for the 110 mile ride around the lake tomorrow.

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  • Pokey went to the chiropractor. :)

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  • Today’s loot from the library. :)

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  • It’s official!!

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  • Party waiting for fire confirmation

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  • Because 17 inches just doesn’t cut it any more. :)

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